Bayer Bepanthen Baby - Digital campaign 
A social first, integrated campaign to support the ATL “Strong Protection Gently Delivered” message. Here we had an exciting opportunity to play natively in a digital space to help drive Bepanthen as a superior product (with a purer formula) to its key threat zinc oxide competitors. The main KPI for this digital campaign is to land our product benefits and support the ATL in markets where it runs. To achieve this we created a hero product benefit animated sequence. This sequence dramatises the key product benefits whilst reinforcing Bepanthen’s role in ‘transformational healing.’ Social platform communities are a focused “go-to” for new parents requiring that peer-to-peer advice and support. The mix of fresh clean photography, and playful animated graphics elevated the brands superiority and showcases the product stories in a native and relevant way. The toolkit of assets were built bespoke for platform, agile for global market optimization and are mobile first produced.
AVON - Smarter Beauty campaign. UK
Whilst AVON is a successful, youthful beauty brand in the USA and EMEA markets, its perception in the UK is completely different. With no online presence or social media, AVON was seen as the make up brand your grandmother would purchase in a catalogue from a local AVON Rep. Our challenge was to get AVON UK into a current place, repositioning AVON UK with a totally new youthful brand image and drive online purchases. With this, the Smarter Beauty campaign was born. In six months we created a new visual toolkit with new photography and design guidelines, and produced over a 100 social media assets, online films, TVC’s and animations. Alongside this we also revamped their AVON representatives, selecting real reps - mums, students, budding entrepreneurs, to bring their important business model into today’s world, supported through a bunch of digital content and engaging films that aired on SKY TV to promote the potential and positives of becoming an AVON rep, which has since seen an increase and variety of women signing up. 

Still life and beauty photography by Ilka and Franz

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